DIY Laptop Stand from Cardboard

If you or your Kids are using a laptop at home, it’s fine using it for short periods just sitting flat on a desk or kitchen table. However, once you start spending several days like this then you may notice you or your kids starting to get tension headaches. You know the ones! They start … Read more

Will You Entertain Me!

unsplash-logoJames Pond If you are like me you are busy trying to balance working from home, keeping the household running and managing the demands from the kids while we are under a ‘Shelter-In-Place’ directive. It can definately be hard work! In an effort to entertain and educate the Kids then we have found a number … Read more

What will your children tell their grandkids?

unsplash-logopixpoetry As the Corona Virus spreads across the world its full effect seems to be taking place. We all worry about the safety of our children and what this will mean to them. This is a once in a lifetime epidemic that will be talked about and taught in schools for generations to come. When … Read more