Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I purchase your books?
A. All of our books are available on Amazon worldwide. See the links at the bottom of this page to see the Amazon page in your company.

Q. Do you have an ebook version available for your books?
A. Some of our books do have a kindle version on Amazon. If you are looking for a download of one of our coloring books in a printable version, then please contact us and we can arrange one for you.

Q. How can I be kept informed on when you are releasing new books?
A. You can join our Konnectd Kids Facebook group where we make available free copies of our books as review copies for Konnectd Kids Tribe members and you can also join our email list.

Q. I have an issue with one of your Paperback books, where do I get support?
A. Since we partner with Amazon as our printer and distributor of our Paperback books then support for issued with print quality or delivery are handled by them. Please contact Amazon for support.

Q. Where can I post finished coloring pages to show you the awesome coloring job me or my child has done?
A. We love to see finished coloring images. You can post in our Konnectd Kids Facebook group, Tag us on Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube with either @konnectdkids or #konnectdkids.

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