What will your children tell their grandkids?


As the Corona Virus spreads across the world its full effect seems to be taking place. We all worry about the safety of our children and what this will mean to them.

This is a once in a lifetime epidemic that will be talked about and taught in schools for generations to come. When our children living through this event recollect and tell stories of the self isolation that they had to go through in order to reduce the exponential spread of the virus and by flattening the curve.

My 7 year old who is now off school with us in our family bubble had lots of questions that we tried to answer the best we could. It got me thinking about other time periods where children had to live through in hiding like in World War 2.

Of course the most famous of these was Anne Frank who wrote a dairy during this time. I thought this may be a good thing to do for my own daughter so created a dairy for her to put down her thoughts and feelings. I was also optimistic that this would be something that she keeps well into the future to show her children or grandchildren so I included a few high level bits of information about the Corona Covid-19 virus.

Its not just for kids its also a good place for you to be able to record your own thoughts

Grab your free copy to print out.

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