DIY Laptop Stand from Cardboard

If you or your Kids are using a laptop at home, it’s fine using it for short periods just sitting flat on a desk or kitchen table. However, once you start spending several days like this then you may notice you or your kids starting to get tension headaches. You know the ones! They start at the base of your neck and slowly migrate up the back of your head. Not pleasant at all!.

This is because the screen is actually at the wrong height for the correct posture as you are looking downwards at the screen. The correct posture for using a screen of any type is to have your eye line level with the top of the screen. This is not the case when using a laptop on a flat surface.

My wife Melissa who is a school teacher and has been taking her class lessons over Google Hangout and Google Classroom for the past few weeks. Covid19 and Shelter at Home orders have meant she along with school kids and those that can work from home are spending a lot more time at a laptop with the wrong posture and are starting to get these headaches.

I found an easy DIY solution that lifts the laptop up higher off the table so that it is in the correct eye line position for better posture. By Adding a Keyboard and Mouse it then gives you a lot better setup for the long hours for you, your partner of your kids at their desk.

You can download the template here

Print out the downloaded file. You may want to modify the front support pieces to make them bigger to hold a larger range of laptops. Cut out the outline of the stand template.

You will need some cardboard that is at least 3/16 inch. Trace the stand template onto the cardboard and then with a sharp craft knife cut out the 4 separate pieces. It is best to have the corrugation of the cardboard to run vertically for the large stand pieces and horizontally for the support pieces.

They should then simply slot together. Once you have assembled the stand then you or who ever its intended for can go to town decorating it. This will now put the laptop at the correct height and start to reduce the number of headaches from bad posture.

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