Trick or Treat – Halloween is on its Way!

Who can believe that Its mid September already?? This year has truly been one of the craziest years from all 45 of my years on this planet. Even the Year 2000 and the threat of all of the worlds computer systems crashing has had nothing on 2020.

It has been such a stop/start year that sometimes its hard to know what day it is let alone what month. So its amazing that September is here already and half way through.

The year hasn’t been all bad news! If you are like me, then its the little victories that you look forward to. Its been nice to spend more time with my family at home and to help my daughter with her school work in between my work Zoom meetings. There have been lots of these small wins through the year that wouldn’t have happened without being in Covid lockdown.

With September already half way through then that means that October is just around the corner. With October on the horizon it means only one thing! That’s right! Halloween is nearly here. I love Halloween, the decorations, the lame jokes, the costumes it all adds to family fun. What will Halloween look like this year? Well I don’t think anyone really know until it gets a bit closer. Fingers crossed that its a little bit normal.


Since I love Halloween so much, we at Konnectd Kids have been busy at work creating lots of Halloween themed products. The key ones are our Halloween Coloring books for kids. We have books on vampires, Zombies and Witches as well as general Halloween books that you can grab now on Amazon. 

Each book is filled with unique illustrations that are hand drawn and then converted into line drawings. We also have a JUMBO coloring book that bundles our two general Halloween book into one MEGA coloring book as well as our best of Vampires, Witches and Zombies that has 40 of our best illustrations. Grab one or collect them all! Order now to ensure you have them all ready for the kids for Halloween.

How we create our coloring pages

We have also partnered with Redbubble to create some great products with some fun Halloween sayings and graphics on a variety of products from T-shirts for Kids and Adults all the way to travel mugs, Laptop cases and even pillows. You can find our Redbubble store by clicking here: konnectd.redbubble.com


We also have a Halloween Jokes and Memes group that we started to share the fun of Halloween with others. Want a daily dose of Halloween humor? The go and join the group today. Click on the image below 🙂

And how about a FREE coloring book? Click the link below for a free printable with 25 pages of coloring pages.

Konnectd Kids download
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