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Mom Joke Book for Mom, Bonus Mom, or Mom to be. Perfect Mothers Day Book Gift

Is Mom as funny as Dad? Well, we think she is. No matter if it’s you Mom or Bonus Mom they look after you and care for you like no one else ever can. Give them this great gift for Mother’s Day, Birthday, Christmas, or special occasions.

Moms are also full of humor, fun and hilarious sayings, and jokes that outshine Dad’s lame puns and jokes.

Author Andre Francis has compiled a collection of jokes and observations from Moms, including their own Mom, in this book that will make Moms nod in agreement and chuckle at the hilarious situations described.

My nickname is Mom.
But my full name is
“Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom.”

You know you’re a mom when picking up
another human to smell their butt
isn’t only normal, but necessary.

This book makes the perfect Mothers Day Gift or Present for your Mom or Bonus Mom.

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