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★ My friend is obsessed with bird watching at night…He’s an owlcoholic! ★

Did you grow up listening to your Dad’s terribly bad jokes? Maybe you’re a new Dad yourself and you want to practice the art of delivering these amazing zingers?

The “Totally Amazing Dad Jokes” book from Down Under Dads, has the best Classic Jokes, Knock Knock, Punny Jokes, One-Liners, and funny laugh out loud or roll your eyes and groan Dad jokes around to take your Dad jokes to the next level!

★ Family Friendly: 801 clean, cheesy Dad jokes for the whole family to enjoy
★ Wide Selection: Classic Dad, knock knock, one-liners, punny jokes, and some Downunder jokes to keep any family entertained for hours.
★ Illustrations: Unique drawings from a selection of jokes are throughout the book adding that extra bit of humor.
★ Perfect Gift: Forget the 2021 Dad Joke Calendar or the Dad mug or shirt! This Dad Joke book will last for years and years and makes the perfect Birthday, Christmas, or Holiday gift for Dads.

Dad Jokes by Dads for Dads

New Zealand Comedians Heta Dawson (RAW Comedy Finalist 2019) and Corin Healy (TV Show ‘Last Dad Standing’ contestant) have compiled and created a total of over 800 jokes that Dads, Kids, and the whole family will either roll on the floor laughing at or groan like zombies.

Being Dad’s themselves, Corin and Heta have had years of experience in delivering good, bad, and terrible Dad jokes to their kids, kids friends, comedy club audiences, and anyone else who would listen.

So what are you waiting for? Scroll up, select ‘Buy Now’ and give the gift of daily laughter to someone you care about today.

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