Totally Awful Dad Jokes




Ultimate Dad Jokes, Funny Puns, Hilarious One-liners and Family Friendly Clean and Cheesy Jokes

Tired of your Dad or Husband telling the same jokes over and over again? Or maybe you know a new Dad that needs to learn the art of delivering these amazing zingers?

The “Totally Awful Dad Jokes” book is full of Jokes so Awful that they are actually really good! Punny Jokes, One-Liners, and funny laugh out loud or roll your eyes and groan Dad jokes for all to enjoy.

★ Family Friendly: Clean, Cheesy Dad jokes for the whole family to enjoy
★ Wide Selection: Classic Dad, knock knock, one-liners, punny jokes, and some Downunder jokes to keep any family entertained for hours.
★ Illustrations: Unique drawings from a selection of jokes are throughout the book, adding that extra bit of humor.
★ Perfect Gift: Forget the 2021 Dad Joke Calendar or the Dad mug or shirt! This Dad Joke book will last for years and years and makes the perfect Birthday, Christmas, or Holiday gift for Dads.

Comedian Andre Francis, author of such books as Worlds Greatest Mom Jokes, 101 Saint Patrick’s Day Jokes, Totally Amazing Christmas Jokes and The Best Knock, Knock Jokes for Kids bring us this new Joke book for Dads.

Add to your Joke book collection today.

So what are you waiting for? Scroll up, select ‘Buy Now’ and give the gift of daily laughter to someone you care about today.

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