Our Gratitude Journal for Kids is Live!

To complement the picture book for kids that we are in the midst of writing, we intend to provide other resources for kids with the help of our characters from the Majestical Kingdom. So we created a gratitude journal for kids!

Our group of unicorns, lead by ‘Cookie’ are here to take kids on an adventure across various topics. Our first book, which is a gratitude journal, features all of the Mystical Creatures that Cookie leads. this includes Ellie the book smarts Ele-corn, Ricky the tough Rhino-corn, Nat the hipster Narwhal and Edgar. Now Edgar is actually an Easter bunny with aspirations of becoming a unicorn one day. He even has a tie-on unicorn horn that he wears.

Our gratitude journal for kids has space for daily reflection across 52 weeks for kids to write the highlight of their day and why they are grateful for this. It includes gratitude exercises as well as coloring pages of our characters with gratitude and affirmation quotes.

Cookie and the Mystical Creatures gratitude journal for kids book Interior

Thinking about what we are grateful for is important for children and helps them form a habit when they do this on a daily basis. Research has shown that reflecting on what you are grateful for, and why can help to reduce stress, improve sleep and make you feel more positive and optimistic.

We think this book is great to have in your kids collection for them to reflect on why they are grateful and thankful.

Its available for purchase on Amazon in all markets right now and we would love for you to buy a copy. Follow the link below to the ‘Cookie and the Mystical Creatures Gratitude Journal’ for your countries Amazon.

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Let us know the comments below the kinds of books your kids enjoy and what type you would like to see next featuring Cookie and her friends.

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