Fathers Day 20th June 2021

If you’re a Mom, we hope you had a great time celebrating the amazing job you do for the family by being showered in gifts and compliments. My 8 year old daughter had a great time helping me with making Mom a cooked breakfast of pancakes with all the toppings for breakfast in bed.

As it rolls around to June (where has the year gone!) its time to think about saying thanks to all the Dads out there. We may not be the glue that holds the family together like Mom, but we sure still play an important role in helping to raise our kids in this ever changing world. Dad’s its now our turn 🙂

We actually have a couple of Fathers Day gift idea’s if you are buying for your Husband on behalf of your kids, or for your own Fathers, that you may like to take a look at. If you’re a Dad you can pass this website link on as a hint to your wife and kids.

dad joke book
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You can see our catalogue of books on www.konnectdkids.com that we have two joke books devoted to Dad. The first book, is a huge 800 Joke book of Dad jokes compiled and created by a couple of comedians, Corin Healy and Heta Dawson. Its called Totally Amazing Dad Jokes.

The other Dad joke book we have is a lot smaller coming in at the 200+ mark by the Author that has compiled most of our Konnectd Kids Joke books, Andre Francis. He has compiled or created jokes so terrible that they are terribly funny. Take a look at Andre’s Totally Awful Dad Jokes.

Both of these books are on Amazon, and if you have Amazon Prime you will get quick, free shipping on them to ensure they reach you by the 19th of June (Fathers Day is the 20th June). You could also send then direct to Dad using the Amazon gift option.

We also have a very special offer on some gift items from our sister store ‘Konnectd Gifts’ Hot off the press we have just released our ‘Shadow & Shine’ personalized Black stainless steel watch in time for Fathers Day.

We have a launch special (while stocks last) with 25% Off – $20 discount off this great quality watch that you can get engraved with a special message for Dad. Grab this special offer here.

Fathers Day Watch
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You can also check out our Konnectd Gifts Store on Etsy where we have items for Fathers Day and more.

Right, after that shameless plug, its back to books 🙂

Our small publishing business has been busy of late with a couple of books in the works for kids in the 8 to 12 years age group. We are working on a Fashion Design Workbook which looks at the Fashion Industry, as well as a new book on Songbirds. We expect these both out around the end of June.

Summer is on the way, and if you are looking for an educational book for kids to get them outside, that is both a field guide as well as a journal to record bird sightings, then you can’t go past our best selling Birdwatching Field Guide and Journal for Kids.

That about wraps up this edition. Join our email list so that we can notify you of our next free book promotion next week.

Thanks and stay safe

Konnectd Kids.

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