Dinosaur Pirates Coloring Book (Paperback)


★Dinosaurs are Cool! Pirates are Awesome, How about Dinosaur Pirates??★

Konnectd kids are proud to present our newest Coloring book to hit the high seas. Introducing Dinosaur Pirates. What’s more fun for kids than to be coloring these fun and humorous illustrations of or unique Dino Pirates.

This book has 25 illustrations from our in-house Konnectd kid’s artist made especially for this coloring book. From Walking the plank to hunting for treasure go on an adventure with each page as it looks at the life of a Dinosaur Pirate.


• 25 unique Dinosaur Pirate illustrations
• Funny sayings to enhance some illustrations to make kids and adults giggle
• Color Glossy cover to bring out the colors
• BONUS link to a FREE coloring book to download

Grab the best Treasure a kid would want, add this Dino Pirated Coloring Book for Kids to your CART today!



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