Bird Watching Field Guide and Journal for Kids




Bird watching is FUN!

It gives you a great excuse to leave your computer, tablet, or phone behind and venture out into the elements.

You can learn about bird’s names, but also about their songs, their behavior, and how they relate to the rest of nature.

Look at how they soar through the air. Listen to their beautiful songs. You can find great peace and great joy in birds.

How would you be able to truly enjoy these creatures unless you watched them?

It’s time to get started in bird watching!

*Book interior is in Black and White.

  • Parts of a bird
  • Common North American birds
  • Tips on how to attract birds to your backyard
  • Journal pages to record details of your bird sightings
  • Sketch and drawing space for the bird you have seen
  • Bird coloring in pages

Fantastic journal for preschool, kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade and beyond. Makes a great Christmas or Birthday gift for you children, grandchildren, niece or nephew.

Get one today for the birder in your life.

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